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We want to enrich your life and that of your four-legged friend

This is Feele


We want future generations to be able to enjoy the beauties of our planet too.


We guarantee that all products we offer meet the highest quality standards.


Health is the basis for an enjoyable and joyful life and, above all, for having fun in everything we do!


… and a lot of that!


Because love is the strongest affection and appreciation that we can show for another living being.

The founding of Feele was an absolutely affair of the heart. Because we want you and your animal to feel good, without any harmful chemicals. That is why you will find 100% natural products in premium quality with which you can take care of yourself and your four-legged friends (dog, cat, horse).

Our products for humans and animals are highly concentrated and made by hand with a lot of love. For dogs, cats and horses, in addition to care and wellness products, we also offer feed and supplementary feed for lots of joy in life.

We have been developing our unique products together with our team in Germany and Austria since 2016.

We only use 100% natural, highly concentrated active ingredients of outstanding quality for the production: for example hand-made extracts and essential oils from Swiss stone pine and alpine herbs, but also marmot oil and the most valuable from the beehive (such as honey, royal jelly, propolis or beeswax).

We completely dispense with synthetic additives, fragrances and preservatives and reduce the alcohol required in our products to a minimum. All of this makes our care and wellbeing series particularly gentle and compatible.

Our Feelosophy

We enrich the lives of our customers by offering innovative, unique products that are 100% natural, highly concentrated…


protect against annoying parasites (such as ticks, fleas, mites, etc.)


strengthen health through effective paws, fur and skin protection


have a calming and relaxing effect in stressful situations


support recovery in the event of minor injuries and


guarantee sustainability



Alexandra Gadsch

Feele is well known for 100% natural care and wellness products in premium quality – for yourself as well as for dogs, cats and horses. We also have high-quality feed and supplementary feed for your dogs and cats.

How did the idea of founding Feele came about?

Actually, it all started in my previous job. I studied business law and added an MBA in management and leadership. After college I worked for an American company for 10 years and gained a lot of experience in purchasing, but also in marketing and sales. But should that be all? No. Because I always had the dream of starting a company by my own. Finally my dog ​​Balu gave birth to the business idea to develop 100% natural and above all functional products for dogs, cats and horses.

How could this happen? I often went for a walk with him and doing this I got into conversation with many other dog ​​owners.

They told me about the small and big problems they had with their animals: irritated skin, excruciating itching, injured paws, nervousness and other annoying complaints of their dogs. These conversations made me feel that there is something missing – 100% natural products for our animals which solve the little problems of everyday life in an easy way. Feele was born.

Warm greetings
Alexandra Gadsch